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How long does it take for pre diabetes to transform into Type 2?

Q. WellWell this thanksgiving break I've consumed a lot of sugar more than I usually consume and have beginning to have some diabetic symptoms like nausea , dizziness , blurry vision , etc symptoms i usually never experience and I'm really concerned and scared plz help I'm only 16 and a bit overweight and plus the disease runs in my family so idk what to do I already told my mom I wasn't feeling well but she said she's not taking me to the hospital sooo..

A. In adults with a family member with type 2 diabetes, from the time that prediabetes is diagnosed until the time that diabetes develops is an average of 9 years.

But you haven't been diagnosed with diabetes and you don't have symptoms that are really specific to diabetes and not, say, food poisoning. If one of your family members tests blood sugar you could ask to test yours (make sure you use a clean needle to poke your finger with). I don't think it sounds like you have diabetes. If you continue to feel sick, you should make a doctor appointment.

How can you tell if you have Diabetes type 1?
Q. Ive been told I have diabetic symptoms. I frequently urinate and am always wanting water. I just recently changed my diet drastically and as a result Im very fatigued as of lately. Recently a doctor told me that I could be a risk as I had a very rough incident with starting and stopping psych meds last year. I never ended up getting checked out, but how would I know? I mean what would bring one to the doctor to ask if they can be tested for diabetes? Thanks.

A. You may have diabetes symptoms, my friend, but this does NOT automatically mean that you do have diabetes.

The symptoms experienced in diabetes are very generic, meaning that they could also be indicators of something else that's going on.

The ONLY way to know for sure is through having your blood glucose levels checked. This will determine whether or not you have diabetes. You would then need to have what's called a C-peptide test. C-peptide is only produced when insulin is produced so, if there's no C-peptide, you have type 1 diabetes.

As your first respondent correctly points out, side-effects of psychiatric medications does NOT always lead to type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition, whereby your own immune system, for some reason, sees the beta cells (islets of Langerhans) as an invading force and sets out to destroy them.

I am NOT saying that psych medications can't cause type 1 diabetes as anything is possible. It could be that certain psych medications cause your immune system to react in this way.

I wish you well, my friend, and I do hope that you're not diabetic ... though you'd be a welcome member of my gang. ;-)

Can u have sharp pains while having diabetes?
Q. i have all the diabetic symptoms and heart pain do i have diabetes?

A. Hey,

If you have all the diabetic symptoms then I would recommend going to see your doctor or go to the hospital as soon as possible. Also heart pain may be related, as when I was diagnosed I had heart pains sometimes as well. However that is not a known symptom. I can not personally say weather you have diabetes or not, but go and see your doctor or go to the hospital as your better safe than sorry.

Blood work in a few days until then Advice for what to eat? excersise?
Q. I'm currently going through some pre-diabetic symptoms: frequent urination, exessive thirst, increased appettite, blurred vision, fatigue among others. Blood work in a few days.

A. If you haven't already done so, check this out:

It's very simple... eat what Mother Nature intended for us to eat and be active in the way our bodies were intended to be. You'll be surprised at how easy and effective it is. After five years of searching and searching, and watching as my blood sugar climbed ever higher while on Metformin, I'm still amazed at how simple (and obvious) the answer was. When I quit the medication in December, the energy I began to feel was incredible.

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